Bangladesh-China Youth Student Association (BCYSA) is a platform of Bangladeshi students and professionals in China that seeks to promote cooperation and understanding between Bangladesh and China.  



The ultimate purpose of BCYSA is to promote both country's philosophy, culture, policies, and positive diplomatic relationship through all possible effective activities that the member of BCYSA could become committed and visionary to be the ambassador of China to Bangladesh that they can make a tie to enhance cooperation between the two countries and deeper understanding among people of two great friendly nations and represent the legitimate aspirations and rights of Bangladeshis residing in China.


From independence onwards, Bangladeshi students and professionals have been traveling to China. Despite a long time has passed, no organization has been formed with Bangladeshi students and professionals living in China prior to 2016. Most of the students and professionals were involved in small groups through various social media platforms. Many have been working hard to bring all students and professionals living in China under one umbrella for their welfare and cooperation.

Soon after coming to China to pursue his Ph.D., the founding President of BCYSA, Professor Dr. Md. Shahabul Haque has felt the necessity of a voluntary organization for the Bangladeshi students and professionals residing in China. Fortunately, many students and professionals also expressed interest when he expressed his desire to form such an organization. Subsequently, while he was on a visit to China Radio International in Beijing, China, he met with Madam Yu Guangyue Anandi, Head of Bangla Department of Chinese Media Group, and shared his interest to form an organization of Bangladeshi students and professionals and she praised and encouraged the initiative.

Afterward, having held a meeting with a group of enthusiast individuals in China, on November 25, 2016, a new organization was formed with 13 members under the leadership of Professor Dr. Md. Shahabul Haque. As we know, this is the first and largest organization of Bangladeshi students and professionals living in China. Since then, every year BCYSA has been organizing its annual general meeting with the help of BCYSA's executive committee. And now, in its fifth year, BCYSA is run by its fifth executive committee.

BCYSA launched its website back in 2017 and operates all its activities through this online platform. BCYSA's online Bengali bi-annual "Mahaprachir" started its journey in June 2019 and the BCYSA-online news portal started its journey in October 2019 and has been publishing up to now. The organization also has a research wing where professionals in various fields are trained by experts. Every year, BCYSA presents the "BCYSA Community Award" to Bangladeshi students and professionals living in China in recognition of their exemplary achievements and contributions in bridging the gap and building friendships between the two countries.

In addition, BCYSA assists Bangladeshi students in obtaining scholarships from Chinese universities, employment in Chinese institutions, and business in China. BCYSA also provides assistance to individuals seeking help in various universities and cities in China. In this regard, BCYSA’s campus representatives play a vital role with regard to providing assistance for people in need. On the whole, BCYSA plays a phenomenal role to promote both country's philosophy, culture, and positive diplomatic relations between the two countries.


OUR Aims

To make a better understanding between Bangladeshi and Chinese students and professionals.

To strengthen the bonds between Bangladesh and China at the academic and professional levels.

To promote friendship and understanding between the people of Bangladesh and China and preserve the interests of Bangladesh in the international community.

To protect, preserve and promote the unique cultural identity of Bangladesh, in the midst of multicultural Chinese society.

To promote a greater understanding between the Bangladeshi community and the society at large.

To protect and promote the legitimate aspirations and rights of Bangladeshis residing in China.

To assist in all possible ways in national development and the achievement of aspirations of the people of Bangladesh.

To establish liaison and build relationships with other Chinese associations or organizations interested in promoting Chinese & Bangladeshi culture, economic development, and social interests.

To promote greater harmony and understanding among the members of BCYSA.


Maruf Hasan



Dear Members of BCYSA,

Greetings to all. It is my honor to serve as the President of the Bangladesh-China Youth Student Association (BCYSA) 2022-23 session as the association is very special to me, having had a very long association with it and having held diverse positions in this association over the past five years. I am proud to serve in this role because of how strongly I believe in the important work of BCYSA to serve and support Bangladeshi students and professionals in China.

The main objectives of the Association seek to promote cooperation between Bangladesh and China and deeper understanding among the people of two great friendly nations and serve its member, and on the whole, helping the interest of the member in the affairs of their foreign life.

For the covid-19, 2020-22 has been almost three years many of us wish to forget, but 2022 has also been a year of success. With the pandemic situation, our association has worked to adapt to the new world of social distancing and Zoom meetings. As we finish out 2021 and round the corner to 2022, we are looking forward that we will be working to make your membership in this great organization valuable.

The Executive Board of BCYSA is here at the service of all of you. We need to hear your voices, and where we are able, we shall respond kindly. So, let us work together to serve our community through what we are good at – social work.

Finally, let me conclude by thanking all of you for your huge support and I’m looking forward to the continued support and active involvement of the entire membership to carry out our activities in the coming days. I hope to see all of you “Making a Difference” in our Association.

May Bangladesh live forever. May Bangladesh China friendship live forever.